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Lyca 2 in 1

Add a Polish number to your German SIM

Our new Lyca 2 in 1 Service allows our German customers to add a Polish number to their current German Lycamobile SIM for free.

Now you can have both a Polish number and a German number on one SIM, You can now make calls in both countries to the local rates. When you travel a lot or you have a short stay in Poland, this service is perfect for you. No roaming charges at all when you are in Poland. You do not even need a second SIM card or Handy.

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How do I activate a Polish number on my current SIM?

  • - Send a free SMS with the textPOL 48 to 1200and follow the instructions
  • - Call Customer Service on 322 from your Lycamobile.

As soon as you have activated your Lyca 2 in 1 service, you can now make cheap calls with your German SIM in Poland.

Andre Tjenester

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