Hello Norway L bringing the benefit of effortless communication

23 August, 2023 by Simran Singh
Hello Norway L bringing the benefit of effortless communication
Hello Norway L bringing the benefit of effortless communication

In a world where time never stands still, staying connected is the ultimate superpower! Whether it's crushing it at work, sharing giggles with loved ones, or staying in the know about what's shaking the planet, having a trusty and pocket-friendly communication plan is an absolute must! That's where Lyca Mobile swoops in to save the day with its Hello Norway L Plan – the key to unlocking seamless connectivity without sending your wallet into a frenzy! 

Get ready to elevate your communication game, because Lyca's Hello Norway L Plan packs a powerful punch. With a jaw-dropping 10 GB data allowance, endless national minutes & SMS, and even unlimited calls to the UK, EU, USA, Canada, India, Pakistan (Zong) and China, it's the ultimate thing you need for breaking barriers and bridging continents! Moreover, you get the benefit of data rollover as well on getting the plan. 

Enjoy uninterrupted connectivity with Hello Norway L plan!

Hello Norway L: The smart route to seamless connectivity

Get an opportunity to stay connected with your loved ones with data rollover while also enjoying the benefit of EU and Swiss Roaming. The plans are available for different durations at affordable rates, which includes:

DurationSavingsOriginal PriceOffer Price*
30 Days--KR299
3 MonthsSave 287KRKR987KR700
6 MonthsSave 494KRKR1794KR1300
12 MonthsSave 1188KRKR3588KR2400

*Note: Prices are subject to change.

Perks of Hello Norway L

Whether you want to stay connected within Norway or to the UK, India, USA, China, India, Pakistan (Zong) and Canada, Hello Norway L is your one-way ticket to uninterrupted connectivity on a budget. 

Here’s all the perks you can enjoy by simply recharging your Lyca Mobile number with the Hello Norway L plan:

Generous data allowance

In the age of digital connectivity, having access to data is crucial. With the Hello Norway L Plan, users are provided with a generous 10 GB data allowance. This means you can browse the internet, stream videos, and use your favourite apps without constantly worrying about running out of data. A cap of 5 GB is provided for EU and Swiss roaming.

Unlimited national minutes & SMS

Communication within Norway is made easy with the unlimited national minutes & SMS included in the plan. Whether you need to make business calls or simply catch up with friends, you can talk freely without the fear of racking up excessive charges.

Global connectivity

One of the standout features of the Hello Norway L Plan is its unlimited minutes to the UK, EU, USA, Canada, India, Pakistan (Zong) and China. Whether you have friends or family living abroad or need to conduct international business calls, this plan ensures that distance is never a barrier to communication.

EU roaming

Travelling within the EU becomes hassle-free with this plan's data roaming allowance of 10 GB for EU countries. Whether you're on a business trip or enjoying a vacation, you can stay connected without incurring additional roaming charges. For UK and Swiss roaming, there is a cap of 5 GB, but this should be more than sufficient for most users.


Enjoy uninterrupted connectivity with Hello Norway L plan!

Stay connected globally with Hello Norway L

Hello Norway L Plan has some valuable offers to all business professionals or globetrotters who want to stay connected with their families and friends. Getting Hello Norway L Plan will allow you to be free from communication worries and embrace a world of seamless connectivity. Get superfast connectivity, unlimited national and international connectivity to above-listed countries and data rollover with Lyca Mobile Hello Norway L plan.